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Lylah Essentials

Limited Edition Lip & Cheek Tints

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Made with natural herbs and extracted organic colors, natural tint blush. Lip and cheek color on Lylah is:

Exceptionally moisturizing and lovely in texture
Very light to the touch.

Simple to apply with just a finger
Preservative-free and without any chemicals
Your appearance will change thanks to this natural lip tint, and the organic, chemical-free ingredients shield your skin from any negative effects. Keep this item out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location.

In Pakistan, organic & chemical-free product tint.


1- After applying your favorite foundation or bb cream, apply it on your cheeks. For a natural tint blush, use a stroke or a few swatches, and remember to SMILE!

2- To apply lip tint, do not apply it like a regular lipstick; instead, dab it on your lower or upper lip with your finger for a natural tint hue.


1-Vitamin E Oil

2-Beetroot for natural tint color





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