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Lylah Essentials

Bath Bombs

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What is a Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are without a doubt the most Instagram-friendly skin care products, they are colorful , fun and a perfect relaxing solution to your tiring day. Lylah Essentials has picked bath bomb scents very carefully, offering our customers a wide range to choose from.  Lylah Essentials offers you a colorful, cheering, rainbow bath bomb experience. Our bath bombs is the best bath bombs in Pakistan. Make your shower time worth it.


Bath Bomb Ingredients

- Mixture of organic powders

- Bath bomb scents extracted from all natural fruits

- Chemical free colors 


How to use bath bomb

Follow these steps to have a wonderful shower experience with the best bath bomb in Pakistan.

Step 1

Fill your tub with warm water. Make sure that your tub is clean. You can use a bucket or a small tub as well.


Step 2

Take Lylah Essentials bath bomb and toss it into the tub.


Sit and relax in the colorful, enchanted water and breath all your worries out.

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