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Lylah Essentials

Azadi Gift Basket 🇵🇰

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14 August Deals!

Bath bombs
are without a doubt the most Instagram-friendly skin care products, they are colorful , fun and a perfect relaxing solution to your tiring day. Lylah Essentials has picked bath bomb scents very carefully, offering our customers a wide range to choose from.  Lylah Essentials offers you a colorful, cheering, rainbow bath bomb experience. Make your shower time worth it.

  • Play Dough

  • COMPLETELY SAFE: You don't have to worry about your kids swallowing a bit. It is made up of edible material.

  • COLORFUL ASSORTMENT: A colorful assortment of play dough modeling compound with colors that lets you create anything you can imagine

  • PRESS, SMOOSH, ROLL, SHAPE, SQUISH, and SQUEEZE: With these Kids Friendly Play Dough modeling compound, the only limit is your imagination

  • Play Sand

Completely safe if consumed and made to make it taste safe for children to play with.  





  1. 1-Fuchisia
  2. 2-Scarlet
  3. 3-Peaches 


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