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Lylah Essentials

Aroma Blend Roll-ons

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What is Essential oil roll on

Safe and convenient, our essential oil roll on are expertly formulated to have enriching therapeutic values and extraordinary aromas. Lylah Essential's roll on essential oils are pre-diluted with fractionated carrier oil in roller bottles to simplify on-the-go aromatherapy for natural wellness.


How to apply roll on essential oils

Using an essential oil roll on is pretty basic. You just need to have the understanding of the oils that are mixed in the bottle. Because the oil's properties matter a lot when it comes to essential oil roll on.


Essential oil roll on variants  

Deep-Sleep : This soothing lavender blend is best to have a good night sleep and also to free your mind from any stress.

Energizer : This minty citrus blend is the perfect combination boost of energy to get you through a tiring day.

Magic Garden : This sweet floral blend is the roll on for anxiety. It helps you relax and have a good time.

Wake-Up : This refreshing rosemary blend is just what you need to give your mornings a lift of energy

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