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Body care products are one of the best things to use. They make your skin look beautiful and smooth. There are many different types of body care products available in the market. Lylah brings you the body care line for you with body scrubs, bath salts, bath bombs, Organic ubtan, Roll-ons and many more.

Choose the one that suits your skin type and routine. And the best part is we have all-natural ingredients involved in our products that make our body care essentials chemical free which every woman wished for. So hurry up and grab our body care products now before they run out of stock.


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The highest price is Rs.2,300.00

6 products

  • Bath Bombs

    Regular price Rs.850.00
    Regular price Rs.1,000.00 Sale price Rs.850.00
    Bath BombsBath Bombs
  • Sugar Body Scrubs

    Regular price From Rs.750.00
    Regular price Rs.700.00 Sale price From Rs.750.00
    best scrub in pakistan best scrub in pakistan
  • Glow Deal (Ubtan + Rose Water)

    Regular price Rs.499.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs.499.00
    Glow Deal (Ubtan + Rose Water)
  • Mini Bath Bombs

    Regular price Rs.500.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs.500.00
    best bath bomb in pakistanbest bath bomb in pakistan
  • Organic Ubtan

    Regular price Rs.350.00
    Regular price Rs.0.00 Sale price Rs.350.00
    ubtanbest ubtaan in pakistan
  • Pack Of Mini Bath Bombs

    Regular price Rs.2,300.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs.2,300.00
    Pack Of Mini Bath Bombs