Mothers day

Last-minute gifts for Mother's Day

Last-minute gifts for Mother's Day

If you need a last-minute Mother's Day gift, look no further -Lylah essentials are here to help.

Gifts that aren't physical, like breakfast in bed, helping with the dishes, or simply just giving a hug are always welcomed by moms.


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Remember For a Lifetime

Giving her something that she can remember for a lifetime. 

But, it is always recommended to offer an appropriate and thoughtful gift to remember their time with you, as it is these small touches that make the experience

Mother's Day with Lylah

Give her the care and love of Lylah, and show her the loving touch she deserves. Lylah essentials giving a 10% discount this Mother's Day so you can give what she wants to make her day special. 

Offers and Discounts on Mother's Day

What's better than some amazing offers this Mother's day? Grab your hands on these offers and get what you want. 

Lylah Products

Essential oils

These essential oils are ideal for aromatherapy and homeopathic treatments. A few drops of oil can fill a room with a lush, relaxing scent. These oils can also be used for personal fragrance or as massage oils.

All our essential oils are 100% pure and naturally therapeutic. No added ingredients.


The natural tint blush is made from a combination of natural herbs and organic colors extracted. Lylah's lip and cheek tint has a lovely texture and feels very light on the skin. A natural lip tint can transform your appearance, and the organic chemical-free ingredients protect you from any harmful effects. Our chemical-free organic product tint price in Pakistan is only 600 rupees. 



Bath bombs are without a doubt the most Instagram-friendly skincare products, they are colorful, fun, and a perfect relaxing solution to your tiring day. Lylah Essentials has picked bath bomb scents very carefully, offering our customers a wide range to choose from.  Lylah Essentials offers you a colorful, cheering, rainbow bath bomb experience. Make your shower time worth it.

Cuddly Skin

Bring out the best of your skin with our beauty buttercream. No chemicals are added, and the shea butter body cream is eco-friendly and healthy for the skin. No side effects, no rash just smooth glowing skin.


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