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Everything You Need to Know About Using Menstrual Cups

What Is Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is a small, bell-shaped cup that a person can insert into their vagina to collect menstrual blood during a period.

They are made of medical-grade silicone, rubber, or plastic and are usually reusable. People simply empty the cup, wash it with soap and water, and insert it again.

Some brands are disposable, so a person can throw them away after each use or menstrual cycle.

A person can wear a reusable cup for up to 6–12 hours before it needs to be removed and washed. Anyone with a heavier menstrual flow may need to empty their cup more frequently.

In this article, learn more about menstrual cups, including  how to use one.

menstrual cup


How to use Lylah Menstrual Cup? 

how to use menstrual cup

There are two main parts of a menstrual cup: the cup and a thin stem at the bottom to make removal easier.

Before using a cup for the first time, it is important to read the directions on the packaging carefully and wash or sterilize it accordingly.

It is best to wash the hands well with soap and water before inserting or removing a menstrual cup.

To insert it, fold the top of the cup and push it into the vagina, aiming it toward the lower back. Some people find insertion easier when they are squatting. Others prefer to be standing, sometimes with one foot raised, on the edge of the bathtub, for example.

Folding the cup correctly can seem complicated at first, but there are several methods to try. Some of the more popular folds include:

  • C-fold or U-fold: Press the sides of the cup together so that from the top it resembles a long oval. Fold the cup in half, so it looks like the letters C or U.
  • Punch-down fold: Put a finger on the top rim of the cup and push it into the center of the cup (near the base), forming a triangle.
  • 7-fold: Press the sides of the cup together so that from the top it resembles a long oval. Fold one side down diagonally, so it looks like the number 7.

Once the rim of the cup is in, continue to push the cup into the vagina until the entire cup and stem are inside.

The cup should “pop” open, preventing any menstrual blood from leaking. To ensure this, hold the cup by the base (not the stem) and turn it one full circle, or 360 degrees.

Some people run their fingers along the rim of the cup to ensure that it is in the right place and has opened correctly.

When it is in the right place, most people cannot feel it and can forget that it is there.

menstrual cup

Many women choose to use menstrual cups because:

  • They’re budget-friendly. You pay a one-time price for a reusable menstrual cup, unlike tampons or pads, which have to be continually bought and can cost a Lylah Menstrual cup 1150 rupees only
  • Menstrual cups are safer. Because menstrual cups collect rather than absorb blood, you’re not at risk of getting toxic shock syndrome(TSS), a rare bacterial infection associated with tampon use.
  • Menstrual cups hold more blood. A menstrual cup can hold about one to two ounces of menstrual flow. Tampons, on the other hand, can only hold up to a third of an ounce.
  • They’re eco-friendly. Reusable menstrual cups can last a long time, which means you’re not contributing more waste to the environment.
  • You can have sex. Most reusable cups need to be taken out before you have sex, but the soft disposable ones can stay in while you get intimate. Not only will your partner not feel the cup, but you also won’t have to worry about leaks.