Buy the Best Organic Lip & Cheek Tint Online In Pakistan

Buy the Best Organic Lip & Cheek Tint Online In Pakistan

Lip and cheek tints are well-loved for the fresh, natural look it gives, but things are taking a different turn now for the good tint; matte tints are an in-thing now, and more and more ladies are digging the pigmented reinvention of this favorite everyday product.


 If you love a matte lip and cheek tints because aside from being perfect for my oily skin, they can be applied on top of makeup, which is my favorite way of applying lip and cheek tints, plus the pigmentation lets it double as an eyeshadow and lipstick. Who would've thought lip and cheek tints can be so much more?


Women who like to use lip tints can also choose the finish that suits them best: matt for an elegant look, or glossy for a more modern make-up.


Lip Tint Vs Lip Stain 

Though these two are used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between the two. While the purpose of both is to leave a stain on the lips, the difference lies in the finish. Lip stain is sold in gel or liquid forms and they leave a matte stain on your lips. Lip tint is more versatile as you can buy one that gives a glossy finish or another that finishes off in matte.

Lylah Essential Chemical Free Lip and Cheek Tint 

Lylah tint has a secret floral ingredient to give you the most natural cheek and lip color. treat your cheeks or lips with this hydrating blend of rose extract mixed with zingy wild orange and cute pink. Feels as natural as the red cheeks of a baby after being pinched. Top it up for more bold color

We have 3 various ranges of Organic Chemical Free Tint. 

  1. Fuchsia
  2. Scarlet
  3. Peaches 


The natural tint blush is made from a combination of natural herbs and organic colors extracted. Lylah's lip and cheek tint has a lovely texture and feels very light on the skin.
lip and cheek tint


 natural lip tint can transform your appearance, and the organic chemical-free ingredients protect you from any harmful effects. Our  chemical-free organic product tint in Pakistan


lip and cheek tint


It is a great product mostly for the summer season as the heat tends to melt regular lipsticks or glosses on your lips, ending in a messy look. Lip tints stay in place all day long, without you having to worry about reapplying or touchups.

Lip and cheek tint