Best Organic Chemical Free Bath Bombs In Pakistan

Best Organic Chemical Free Bath Bombs In Pakistan


Baths are a self-care cliché, just like face masks and steeped tea, but there's no denying the calming luxury of a good soak. Lylah essential’s bath bombs are chemical free and organic. Consider incorporating a few bath bombs into the mix for a soothing experience.

Bath bombs are a concentrated version of bubble bath that incorporate both wet and dry ingredients, such as cleansing agents and essential oils. For something more reasonably priced, we've gathered some of the most relaxing bath bombs for you, featuring aromatherapy, fizzy cleansing, and soft, supple skin. Lylah essentials bath bombs is the best  bath bombs in Pakistan.



Bath bombs are for relaxing your body and stress free yourself, pampering your body and care with love. Lylah essentials bath bombs are chemical free and organic. They make with original ingredients which are suitable for all kind of skins. Lylah essentials has many variants of bath bombs which they are:

Lavender Bath Bomb:

Take a trip to the French Lavender Fields and enjoy the tranquil beauty of lavender. Lavender bath bombs can help you feel less anxious because their calming properties and essential oils will ease your tension. This is all organic and chemical free.

Relax in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Our 100% pure essential oils, other ingredients, and their advantages are highlighted. So you get to benefit from softer skin as well as anxiety reduction.


Motia Bath Bomb:

This tranquillizing fizzer transforms into a tranquillizing jasmine bouquet. Giving someone special a treat with this bath bomb is ideal. A luxurious moment to themselves is provided by the Jasmine Bath Bomb, whether it is included in a gift or given separately. Absolute of jasmine has a calming effect. It can help boost your mood. Enjoy Lylah’s chemical free and organic bath bombs.


Galaxy Bath Bomb:

This bath bomb is best bath bomb in Pakistan for relaxing and release stress. In the ingredients which are in galaxy, lavender helps with sleep, pain, and stress. It has numerous applications. Try adding it to a bath or diffuser, combining it with water to create a room or body spritzer, or blending it with a base oil to create body oil as an aromatherapy treatment. According to reports, peppermint oil has the following beneficial qualities: anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. There will be relief from headaches, fatigue, and depression. Reduce the number of intestinal spasms, help indigestion, and help me. Lemon oil is made from lemon peel and can be applied topically or diffused along with a carrier oil. Lemon oil is well known for its abilities to: lessen pain, ease nausea, lessen anxiety and despair, and kill bacteria. Lylah’s all products are chemical free and organic which make with love and care.


Citrus Bath Bomb:

This bath bomb is for fun loving realizing stress. It includes, Lemon oil is well known for its capacity to reduce discomfort, nausea, anxiety, and hopelessness. Apple essential with this ripe green scent, this essential oil for aromatherapy makes you want to take a stroll through an apple orchard and the best part for it that this make with chemical free organic ingredients.


Enchanted Bath Bomb:

This bath bomb use for a long day, the beneficial ingredients in bath bombs will aid in muscle relaxation. Tea tree oil is frequently applied to treat insect bites, athlete's foot, lice, nail fungus, and acne. Rose essential oil soothes anxiety, reduces stress, and relaxes the body and mind.


Rose Bath Bomb:

The most opulent best bath bomb is a rose-flavored. The aroma of roses has long been regarded as one of the most coveted scents and is frequently connected to feelings of romance and love. According to legend, the smell of roses lifts one's mood and eases anxiety and depression. It can alleviate muscle cramps by acting as an antispasmodic. Due to their antibacterial properties, rose extracts may help prevent infection from small scratches and other such conditions on the body.


Mango Tango Bath Bombs:

Our mango bath bomb's tropical and fruity scents will revive you. Enjoy the moisturizing benefits of Shea butter, which will leave your skin feeling hydrated, soft, and smooth. Fruity-smelling mango bath bombs are excellent for boosting mood and reviving the body and mind.

We have many variants of bath bombs they are best for stress relief, pain relief and relaxation. Lylah essentials only produce chemical free, organic products. Which are best for all skin types and they are the best bath bombs in Pakistan. We valued our customer at the end we want happy customer!

Consider Lylah essentials: A great way to guarantee that you're using only natural ingredients is to create your own skincare products.


In conclusion, those looking for kinder, more environmentally friendly skincare options will find that organic, chemical-free skincare is a great option. You can start the transition to a more natural skincare routine right now by reading labels carefully, looking for simple ingredients, avoiding synthetic fragrances, picking sunscreen wisely, and thinking about making your own products.