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4 Best Bath Bombs for Your Most Relaxing Day (Relax and Save Money)

Baths, like face masks and steeped tea, are a self-care cliché, but there's no doubting the calming luxury of a good soak. Consider adding a few bath bombs to the mix is going to be a  relaxing experience. 
Bath bombs are a concentrated form of bubble bath, which combine wet and dry ingredients including essential oils and cleansing agents. Aromatherapy, effervescent cleansing, and soft, supple skin, and here's why we gathered some most relaxing bath bombs for you for something more budget-friendly. 

Lavender Bathbomb

Whisk yourself away to the Lavender Fields of France and soak in all the calm loveliness of Lavender. Lavender Bath Bombs can provide anxiety relief as the essential oils and soothing nature of this bath bomb calm your nerves and your anxiety.
Soak away stress but in the comfort of your own home. Featured are our 100% pure essential oils, other ingredients, and their benefits. In other words, you get to enjoy both softer skin and anxiety relief.

Motia Bathbomb

This calming fizzer melts into a relaxing bouquet of gentle jasmine. This bath bomb is the perfect way to treat someone special. Whether it's bundled in a gift or given on its own, Jasmine Bath Bomb offers someone a luxurious moment to themselves. Jasmine's absolute is gently calming. It can help boost your mood.

Rose Bathbomb

Rose Bath Bombs are the most luxurious of bath bombs. Since ancient times the fragrance of roses has been among the most coveted of scents and is often associated with love and romance. The scent of the rose is reported to have an uplifting effect on the spirit, relieving depression and anxiety. As an antispasmodic, it may help with muscle cramps. Rose extractions may help fight infection of small scratches and such on the body, due to their antibacterial properties.


Mango Bathbomb 

Refresh and revive with the tropical, fruity scents in our Mango Bath Bomb. Indulge in the moisturizing properties of Shea butter leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. Mango bath bomb has a fruity scent, great for lifting your spirits and re-energizing your body and mind.